Understanding the most common Construction Certificate Documentation

Notwithstanding the CC architectural plans, here is an explanation of the most common documents required for a construction certificate.

If the document is specified in the development approval, carefully review the development approval conditions to identify any specific information required by the council. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the council’s requests and ensure compliance with their requirements.


BASIX Certificate

A BASIX certificate assesses the environmental impact of a building, focusing on energy efficiency, water usage, and thermal comfort. The certificate ensures that new constructions meet sustainable standards and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Building Specification

Many design decisions and building details cannot be expressed in graphic form and therefore instead need to rely upon the text. Details and design decisions that cannot be shown on plans may be detailed in a building specification which complements the plans.


Survey Plan

A survey plan from a registered surveyor should show the position of all existing structures, with floor level & ridge height of the main building and building setbacks. It should also show the levels of the existing ground level of the land and key features on lot, including trees.


Engineering Plans & Documentation

Most complying development projects require some plans and documentation from different specialist engineers and consultants. The documents that may be required are:

  • Structural engineering plans
  • Structural engineering design certificate
  • Structural adequacy certificate
  • Stormwater engineering plans
  • Stormwater engineering design certificate


Proof of ownership

A certificate of title can confirm the owners of the property. Darook is also happy to accept council rate notices or Sydney Water bills.


Long Service Levy Receipt

The long service levy is applied to all NSW building and construction projects of $250,000 or more (inc. GST). The current rate is 0.25% of the total cost of the work. You can calculate the long service levy amount here.


Sydney Water Building Approval

Sydney Water must check your plans to make sure building work will not damage any water, wastewater pipes or structures on your property. If your proposed building works are close to Sydney Water pipes in the ground, your plans may need to be submitted to a Sydney Water Service Coordinator for further review and approval.



Receipt of council fees

Most development approvals specify different council fees that are required to be paid before the issue of the construction certificate. Darook will need to review the receipt to confirm payment and compliance with the development approval before the issue of the construction certificate.

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