Gaining insight into the complying development building approval process for demolition

The demolition code complying development process can be confusing at times. Here is a breakdown of the building approval process from start to finish.

1. Check whether complying development is possible

Check if your proposed development meets the criteria for complying development. These criteria include factors such as heritage and heritage conservation restrictions.

2. Prepare documentation

Gather all necessary documentation, including plans, specifications, and other relevant information about your proposed development.

3. Engage a certifier

Engage a private certifier to assess your development proposal.

Fill in and sign the complying development application form!

Darook will send the complying development application form with the quote.

4. Submit the complying development application

Lodge your complying development application to the certifier, along with all necessary documentation, plans and certificates.

A planning portal submission is required at this point!

5. Neighbour notification

In most cases, neighbouring properties will need to be notified about the proposed development. The certifier must wait 14 days after the neighbour notification before the complying development certificate can be approved.

6. Complying development assessment

The certifier will review your application and assess it against the predetermined standards and criteria for complying development. The assessment will verify if your proposal meets the relevant building codes, environmental regulations, and planning guidelines.

7. Complying development approval

If your application meets all the requirements, the certifier will issue a complying development certificate.

8. Neighbours are notified 7 days prior to works starting

Neighbouring properties will need to be notified by the home owner or applicant to confirm the start date of the demolition works. The notification must occur 7 days before works start. 

13. Demolition work can start 🎉

It’s important to note that the exact process and requirements for complying development may vary depending on the specific project, jurisdiction and local regulations.

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